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Develop, nurture and grow the skills to coach your clients to better financial and life outcomes.

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Professional Financial Coaching Courses

Become a world-class Professional Certified Financial Coach.

Learn how to build a purposeful and sustainable business that you will love and your clients will thank you for!

Experience the gold standard of Professional Financial Coach Education.

Transform your clients lives and coach them to better financial and life outcomes through empowering conversations.

75 hours of ICF aligned Level 1 Coach Education with support to get your ICF ACC Credential and a focus on how to niche yourself as an Associate Certified Financial Coach.

175 hours of ICF Level 2 aligned Coach Education with support to get your PCC Credential and a focus on how to niche yourself as a Professional Financial Coach.

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Financial Coach Education

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mary jane

Mary J Fourie ICF PCC | FPI RFP™

Professional Financial Coach Education Director
Over the past two decades, I have spent time working in the retail (clothing), online gaming, financial services and coaching sectors. In 2017 I founded an FSP, My Journey 2 Freedom, with the goal to prove the concept of Coached Lifestyle Financial Planning through invoiced as a fee-for-service to clients.

I am known for helping others answer the question of "How can I live a purposeful and meaningful life AND be financially free. My approach in helping others is to work with the whole-person incorporating mind, body, and soul. My gift is to inspire change-making; helping these individuals, like you, shift the way you earn and spend your money to align with what feels most purposeful and meaningful to you.

In building my toolbox of experience, qualifications and skills I have completed two NQF5 Higher Certificate’s in Financial Planning (Milpark Business School ) as well as a Leadership & Coach Training qualification from Star Leadership (Pty) Ltd. I am a Registered Financial Practitioner™ with the Financial Planning Institute Southern Africa (FPI), am credentialed with the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and am also an accredited iEQ9 Enneagram Individual & Team Practitioner.

I want to change the world and believe I can do that by helping people get better at earning and spending their money, in line with living a values driven, purposeful and meaningful life. As a result of this passion I have committed myself to growing Professional Financial Coaching in South Africa. In support of this vision I have volunteered as part of both ICF South Africa and COMENSA.

I believe in being led by my values of freedom created by connection, contribution and response-ability. I believe that the journey to living a fulfilling and financially free life is accessible to all when approached with mindfulness and intention. It is this philosophy that filters through all my work, whether I am working directly with private clients or training Professional Financial Coaches to do the same.
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nabeel khan

Nabeel Khan

In the last decade, I have dedicated over 12 000 professional hours in front of clients, and have built an award winning financial advice business since generating over $40 million in production revenue for insurance companies and asset managers. Life is good when you’re at the top of a sales driven industry and It’s even better when you’re changing lives at the same time.

The funny thing is, I was never paid a cent for any of those life changing hours. I was paid for the sale of a financial product and my earnings was always conditional, my anxiety was through the roof, I always felt like I had to keep sprinting to stay on top, stay relevant, to keep policies active and my health suffered for it.

I really enjoy what I do but the problem for me, was the system. Everything around me was measured incorrectly… How was it so, that I enjoyed many ceremonies and was recognized for my achievements while dining in a 5-star Michelin restaurant on a beach in La Cote D ’Azure for none of the truly meaningful work that I spend hours practicing?

Why was it that my wellbeing and income was affected by a replacement of a life insurance policy? I knew the answer, understood that it wasn’t a quick fix to change the industry but I believed that solving that problem would be worth more to me and other humans than chasing targets and rolling in the commissions.

And that was the beginning of a new chapter in my life within financial services which, so far, brings me comfort, fulfilment, and the odd fire to put out here and there but, this is business right?!

I’ve since launched Africa’s 1st Free Money School and have pioneered a leading financial coaching program with my business partner Mary and we aim to develop and coach financial planners from all over the world to unlock their business’ true potential by evolving themselves and how they add value in and for their clients while getting recognised and paid for their efforts above and beyond the “professionalized salesman”.

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Financial Advisors, Brokers, Financial Planners or anyone in the financial services industry who would like to develop their ability to have more meaningful conversations and engagements with as well as be able to coach their clients to better financial and life outcomes AND create a sustainable business at the same time.

Because you get...

  • Both the knowledge as well as the practical skills of how to coach.
  • The ability to earn an international professional certification.
  • Ongoing Business Development support to help you integrate Professional Financial Coaching as a service into your financial advisory practice.
  • Peer support through our network of Professional Financial Coaches who are all practicing Financial Advisors / Planners and Coaches.

Our programme has been designed to satisfy the International Coaching Federation's (ICF)  Portfolio Path (PP) as well as Level 1 and 2 requirements for accreditation at Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level .

We're in the process of applying for our Level 1 and 2 accreditation, however all graduates will be able to apply via the ICF Credential Portfolio Pathway until we're officially accredited.

ICF PP PCC Requirements:

    • 125 hours of Coach Training with 50% synchronous activities focused on the ICF Core Competencies, demonstrated through submission of supporting documentation.
    • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching.
    • 2x Coaching Performance Evaluations with written transcripts.
    • 500 hours of Coaching Experience logged.
    • Completion of the ICF Credentialing Exam.

ICF ACTP PCC Requirements:


    • 125 hours of Coach Training with 50% synchronous activities focused on the ICF Core Competencies.
    • 6 Recorded Observed Coaching Sessions with written feedback.
    • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching.
    • Final Coaching Performance Evaluation.
    • 500 hours of Coaching Experience logged.
    • Completion of the ICF Credentialing Exam.
Everything you need to be able to:

  • Learn how to coach
  • Practice and perfect your coaching ability
  • Qualify on the level of an internationally qualified Professional Financial Coach
  • Support to help you integrate financial coaching into your service offering.

You do not get automatic membership to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or a professional coaching credential through completion of our programme alone. Upon completion you will be awarded with a certificate of completion which qualifies you to apply to the ICF for membership and a coaching credential, subject to their criteria and relevant fees.

At the end of the 18-month coach education journey of Level 2, where you’ve completed 100% of all Online Learning Modules, Group Learning Sessions & MasterClasses and have completed and submitted 100% of the coursework assignments and recordings and you’re still not loving it, 100% of your fees will be refunded to you in full and you will graduate.  

Ask Us Anything. anytime.

We’re excited that you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Professional Financial Coach. 

Please reach out and connect with us.