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The missing bit in Financial Advice & Financial Planning

Why does it feel like my expert advice has little to no impact on my clients because they still make self-defeating choices?

Why has no amount of money, status or recognition been able to scratch the itch that there is something missing in my work?

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XY Advisor Podcast : Interview with Mary J Fourie

As the Founder, Lead Life Coach and Lifestyle Financial Planner at My Journey 2 Freedom, Mary J talks to Louis van der Merwe of the Financial Planners South Africa Podcast about her personal and professional journey to becoming a planner, and how the human side of money was a vital part of that process.

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Fee-based Lifestyle Financial Planning – SAIFAA Breakfast Conversation April 2022

How do you charge fees for financial planning, advice and coaching? Mary J was invited by SAIFAA (The South African Independent Financial Advisers Association) to a conversation with a panel of other young Lifestyle Financial Planners who are charging fees for their planning, coaching and advice services.

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FPI 2020 Convention Presentation by Mary J Fourie

Watch Mary J’s presentation on how to coach clients in order to meet financial goals whilst supporting financial planning behaviour. She offers an updated model which combines financial coaching into the globally recognized Six-Step Financial Planning Process.

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