Financial Coaching 101 : What is it?

Discover and understand what the latest buzz about Coaching and Financial Coaching is all about. Explore whether becoming a Financial Coach is the next skill you want to master and service you can add to your client value proposition. Explore and gain access to the international gold standard of Professional Financial Coach Education Training.
Mary J · February 25, 2022

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Mary J

Mary J believes that we can change the world through coaching. We can do this by helping people get better at earning and spending their money in alignment with living a values driven, purposeful and meaningful life. As a result of this passion she has committed herself to growing Professional Financial Coaching in South Africa. She heads up The Coach Education Academy as Director of Education and holds an Executive Officer role as part of the International Coaching Federation South African Charter Chapter. She is also an active participant in other local special interest groups focused on financial coaching. Led by her values of freedom created by connection, contribution and response-ability, Mary J believes that the journey to freedom is accessible to all when approached with mindfulness and intention, two of the foundational principles of coaching.

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