The missing bit in Financial Advice & Financial Planning

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Why does it feel like my expert advice has little to no impact on my clients because they still make self-defeating choices?

Why has no amount of money, status or recognition been able to scratch the itch that there is something missing in my work? 

What is the bit that I’m missing?

To help me find the answer I’ve been asking myself the following questions…

  • Who am I?
  • What am I about?
  • What do I stand for?
  • What fulfills me?
  • What is the gift I have to offer the world?
  • How can I make a difference in my clients lives?
  • How can I upskill and grow myself?

The Journey to get here

The journey to find the missing bit started a few years back when I was working at a small FSP. My first attempt to find the missing bit was to enrol in a Leadership Development & Coach Training program with the aim to grow not only myself, but my ability to do the same for my clients.  My hope was that the journey would empower me to change the relationship between myself and my clients. 

Never did I expect that the journey would take me to the point where I would go off to start my own FSP because I could see that there was another, better way to do things.

Over time it’s become crystal clear that the bit that was missing was my ability to deeply connect with my clients in a way that inspired them to take responsibility for their choices thereby changing their circumstances for the better.

If it wasn’t for tackling my big existential questions, I would still be running the same disengaged, ineffective client relationship transaction treadmill, seeking that missing bit and not finding it.

What was my magic pill?

Challenging my perspectives through my own experience of being coached and trained to coach.

This involved having many purposeful and courageous conversations that allowed me to explore and make meaning of my inner and outer worlds. 

Although I was given knowledge and skills, I was not given all the answers as to how I would use them but was instead safely held by my coach whilst I looked for ways to connect the dots myself. A large part of my growth lay in getting in touch with my values and what is truly important to me to embody.

No amount of money can bring the fulfillment and satisfaction of a life lived in purpose.  

Money has no meaning until we give it meaning. As Financial Advisers / Planners we have the opportunity to help our clients find the meaning and purpose of their money and their lives. 

We can do this by holding a space for them to explore and engage with their inner world. 

We have the potential to make significant impact in the world of our clients. This results in a win-win where not only do we add great value to our clients, but we do so in a way that leaves us feeling whole and fulfilled knowing that we’re doing good work and getting paid well for it.

Would you like to find your missing bit? 

Take your advice hat off for a minute and come on a journey with us to find the bit that’s missing in your work. Sign up for our Free Financial Coaching 101 : What is it? Course to explore what financial coaching is and whether it might be the magical pill you need to take your financial advisory and financial planning business to the next level.

Article first written for and published on by Mary J Fourie in March 2018. 

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